Special Interview: Katie Belle

THEAUSSIEWORD.COM catches up with Katie Belle.

How and where did it all begin for you? What drew your interest to the music industry?

I started music at such a young age, I was about 8 when I decided it was what I wanted to do! I’ve always had a deep love for music and performing. A lot of blessings have come my way throughout the years but I’m most excited about the music and projects I’m working on now. 

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

I think being an overall fan of music. I’m a consumer myself, I love finding new songs and going to concerts. I’ve felt the power of music so many times in so many ways, that’s a huge catalyst to me wanting to be a part of this industry. 

What are some of your biggest goals you hope to accomplish?

I would love to win a Grammy one day. I would love to headline my own tour and travel the world singing my songs with people who relate to them just as much as I do. 

What can we expect from you in the coming months? Any plans to tour?

Yes! I have plans to go on a small tour in October! I will be traveling with some other contestants from The Voice and American Idol! I’m super excited!!! 

Tell us a bit about your latest release and how would you best describe your music?

My last release “Don’t” was an upbeat breakup tune. I love it because breakups don’t always have to be so sad and heartbreaking, sometimes they are blessings in disguise and can bring you a lot of liberation once you’re on the other side. 

I would definitely describe my core sound as pop, but every song I make has its own personality.
Give us an insight into your creative process. What gets you writing songs?

Really just my life. Everything I write is based on a true story, it’s hard for me to connect with things I don’t understand or don’t feel. The root of my creativity comes from how I feel. 

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? 

I wouldn’t say i write with too much hidden meaning haha but maybe i should! I keep things pretty real and accurate, I like metaphors every once and a while but for the most part I’m pretty straight forward. 

Success, what is the secret to it?

Working hard and being grateful for your life 

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

A few weeks ago I would have said being mentioned in Rolling Stone for the first time (2021) but since then I’ve been inducted into the Grammys, so definitely being inducted into the Grammys.

Which stars of the music industry do you find inspiring?

Taylor Swift, Stevie Knicks, Dolly Parton, Lennon Stella just to name a few! 

Are there any new projects in the pipeline?

Always!! Working on a lot of new music and getting ready for tour. Also some solo shows to keep me busy for the rest of the year.

The music industry is constantly changing, where do you see yourself in a few years?

It’s impossible to say. I can’t see the future but I have faith that it will take care of me. I know I’ll still be doing music but only God knows in what ways and to what extent. 
What is your favourite and least favourite part about this line of work and why?

My favorite is connecting with new people and fans, writing music that gets me really excited and playing great shows 

My least favorite is the time it takes away from my personal life, i’ve missed so many birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, I’ve lost count. But I know one day I’ll make up for it and it’ll be worth it. 

Name a few of your favourite Australian artists.

Of course the OG late Olivia Newton John and Kylie Minogue, but i also absolutely love Keith Urban 

The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what does it mean to you
in getting your records out into the public eye?

I think it’s a great thing. It’s easier now than ever for artists to get their name out there and get seen because of the help of Social Media. If you use it correctly it can literally change your career. I think that’s so amazing and magical. 

How will you continue appealing to the international market?

I guess by just continuing to be myself and speak my truth. No matter what country you live in or race you are or language you speak, the human experience keeps us all bonded. Music is a universal language and as long as I can speak through music I hope to continue to connect with people from all over the world. 

Do you collaborate with others? Who is on your wish-list?

I do!! I love working with other songwriters and artists and producers. I would love to work with Chelsea Cutler, or Flume or Alexander 23 and the list goes on.

What advice do you give for other artists wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Stay focused on what matters to you. How you feel, what you want to say. The best thing you can do for yourself is be genuine and find your own unique voice. Believe you have something to offer. No one can do it better than you, and no one will. 
A message for your fans. How do you best interact and respond with your followers and fans?

My DMs are always always open!! The best way to connect with me is through social media, I’m on it often throughout the day and always looking to make new friends (: 

Any last words?

Thank you so much for having me, I’m so excited for my new single “Next Ex” to come out this September and for you all to hear it!!! sending so much love to you all ❤️ 

Instagram: @officialkatiebelle

Facebook: @katieb.akin.9

Tik Tok: @officialkatiebelle

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