Look out Spielberg, Josef J Weber is here… TheAussieWord catches up with blog sponsor and Director Josef J Weber for an exclusive insight into his life as an Aussie Director! Josef made an exclusive announcement this week that he would be directing the brand new music video for Australian Idol heartthrob Shannon Noll, titled Living In Stereo, Noll’s third single from the album A Million Suns will be filmed right here in Melbourne! TheAussieWord would like to thank Josef for becoming our sites major sponsor and congratulate his team on this latest news! Josef has also directed a wonderful music video for Nathan Leigh Jones, another amazing interview that took place with our blog and Nathan, you can read it right here… Go! Josef Go!

How long have you been a Director for?
As of 2012 I have been a Director for 11 Years. Started when I was 14 and haven’t looked back. I was actually thinking the other day that I haven’t stopped making films since I started. I’ve always been on the grind completing project back to back. It never bores me and never feels like work, so why stop? Practice makes perfect and I’ve come so far since I first started so it works to my advantage. 

How did you start out initially?
I started by making horror films with my JVC Mini DV Camcorder. I rounded up friends, fake blood, a few props and shot at my parents house (much to the dismay of my Mum) and moved around my school and other locations throughout Adelaide. Every film I made I gradually stepped up the story, action and general production value because I would gain confidence as a Director with each project. Up until this very day each project I helm as a director I always step it up, I never repeat what I did last. Each project is fresh with ideas and a new approach.

Describe your style as a Director…
My style is relatively eclectic. I like to approach projects from a cinematic standpoint, always making sure the visuals look as high valued as possible. I like exploring the dark and the light but it depends what best fits the project. My work can be funny or it can be dramatic. It’s never the same, you can expect all sorts from me. I get a kick out of surprising people; expect the unexpected.

You’re a triple threat of sorts. You Direct not only Films but Music Videos & Commercials…
I started in film, yes. But I love Music as much as I do film so I have shifted into Music Videos the past 12 months. Commercials are also on the horizon. I’m obsessed with creating visuals full stop so I don’t limit myself to film. I can learn so much from Music Videos and Commercials so why not be open to those opportunities.

What do you love about Music Videos?
It goes back to my obsession with film and music. Music Videos are the perfect marriage between the two. I grew up during the 90’s teen pop revival period where Britney and Christina were pumping out some seriously glossy videos and I knew from that moment I wanted to helm videos with the eye popping visuals. I also love the fact that as a director you can go nuts with what you create on screen. You can explore narrative, themes, camera & lighting, makeup & costume, editing…it’s all in the hands of the director. The director just needs to know what they need to make a visual partner for the song and what captures the artist best. 

What have been your proudest moments as a director?
Through the ups and downs that come with being a director I’m still going strong after 11 years and I’m passionate as ever, I think that says something. I am also proud of The Decayed & I ROT, two horror films I directed that have enjoyed great festival runs across the globe. They were made on shoe string budgets and the end results and audience reaction has been great to see. I’m also proud of the current slate of Music Videos I’ve created (you can check them out on my website) because they’re all so different. Beautiful You is warm and lush, Bring It is high energy and fun, New Sunday is gritty and captures a great unfolding story. I’m just proud of the fact that I haven’t stopped creating and still continue to work with great crews and talented people every day.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
To keep doing what I’m doing. To keep working with great crew, talented artists, creating the best work possible and eventually becoming a go-to director in Music Videos & Commercials. Eventually I’d love to direct another film (preferably a feature) but when the right script comes along I’m in no rush. I’m having the ultimate blast directing Music Videos so why stop!

What is in store for 2012?
Watch this space…

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