NEW MUSIC: Woodes ‘The Thaw’

Australian artist/producer Woodes has today released her debut self titled EP containing six entrancing tracks, including the acclaimed single ‘The Thaw’, fan favourite ‘Daggers & Knives’ and latest single ‘Rise’. The EP combining Woodes love of electronica sounds, with organic textures to create soundscapes fitting of a another realm with Woodes’ vocals the perfect accompaniment.

Woodes explains her process behind the EP, “I’ve been working on these 6 songs over the last couple years. They’ve all transformed as I’ve learned more production and have been writing with more people in both Melbourne & overseas. Some of them formed quite quickly and others have been with me from the start.”

“Woodes was a project I formed a while ago, to me the name and the alter ego attached with it is strong & brave. Songs such as ‘Rise’ and ‘Daggers & Knives’ embody that strength. There are mentions of fire, of fear, of being submerged underwater, of solitude, strength and change. The stories that exist in these tracks span from my childhood (Bonfire, about growing up on a national park in Townsville) to quite recent collaborations (The Thaw, written with Lanks in Melbourne late last year). There’s a little journey attached I’ve noticed, the theme became apparent as I made the final song selection and lined them all in a row. This release starts with Woodes emerging from the water, and ends with her returning to it.

It felt fitting to self-title this release, as it’s the first chapter of many for Woodes.”

Woodes worked with various acclaimed collaborators on the EP including LANKS, Simon Lam from Melbourne duo Kllo, Golden Vessel, Elkkle and long time Sia collaborator Rob Kleiner. Woodes also recruited some familiar voices in the choir on ‘Rise’ including; Alex Lahey, LANKS, Lupa J, Nirrimi, Abraham Tilbury, Edward Vanzet, Golden Vessel, Tommy Wilson, Juice Webster, Uncle Bobby, Jaysways and Batts.

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