NEW MUSIC: Vengaboys – 1999 (I Wanna Go Back)

Europe’s Number One Party Act: Vengaboys return and take us back to 1999!

Disapproving of the new millennium, Vengaboys feel that the 21st Century has failed us big time.  As mentioned in their promo video: “Full of Disasters, the 21stCentury has given us awful problems from COVID to CROCS!” The Dutch four-piece say: “It’s time to bring back some fun and happiness.”To reinforce their bold statement, the Vengaboys release a brand-new single covering Charli XCX and Troye Sivan, ‘1999 (I Wanna Go Back)’ is guaranteed to take you down memory lane, straight back to the party decade of all party decades: the 90’s.

The Vengaboys are made up of: D-Nice, Captain Kim, Sailor Robin and Cowboy Donny.  Speaking of the single, Robin states: “We never stopped spreading love and fun.  But this new century is not exactly cooperative.  We feel a responsibility to bring the good times back!” Donny agrees: “For us, the 90’s never stopped anyway.  But we do notice that a lot of people are weighed down by a heavy mood and it is kind of striking, that this is so since the new millennium.  I’m just saying…”. Captain Kim adds: “We have been on a non-stop world tour since 1999.  Covid brought a brutal halt to that.  After more than a year of absence, we’ve been dying to re-unite with our friends and fans.” D’Nice can’t wait to get back on stage again and is really hoping the bad times will soon be over, adding“With this new single we hope to make up for the lost fun, and we’re ready to party like it’s 1999!”

1999 was the year the Vengaboys conquered the world with their famous summer anthems: ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!’ and ‘We’re Going To Ibiza!’ Both songs rocketed straight to a #1 chart position in countries all over the world including the UK and became 2 of the biggest songs of the Summer of 1999.  Vengaboys have scored numerous multi-platinum hits, have over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and continue to generate over 4 million streams monthly on Spotify alone.

In their relentless quest for fun, they stumbled upon WOMBO, the crazy AI-powered lip sync app.  It soon became clear that the WOMBO crew were on the same mission as the Vengaboys: to spread joy and bring back laughter.  WOMBO hit that nail on the head and its fan base grows bigger and bigger by the hour.  Vengaboys started fooling around with the app, and soon the idea for a music video was born.  Vengaboys teamed up with WOMBO and created an amazing viral music video together, after which Vengaboys’ video wizard turned it into a fabulous line up of the greatest icons of the 90’s.  Donny comments: “Join the revolution and bring back the fun! You can start with creating your own version of ‘1999 (I Wanna Go Back)’ on the WOMBO app!”

1999 (I Wanna Go Back) will be available on Spotify, iTunes and there will be a limited edition signed CD.  The viral music video can be viewed on Vengaboys’ official YouTube channel, along with all their greatest hits, remixes and the recently opened online dance school Venga Dance Club.

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