THOMSTON – The Auckland based songwriter and producer will return to Australia later this month to perform his first introductory headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Having recently wrapped up a series of Australian appearances with Wafia and Ta-Ku at Vivid Festival, Thomston’s headline shows will kick off on June 29th at Melbourne’s Hugs & Kisses, before he heads to Sydney’s Newton Social Club. Tickets are on sale now!

Thomston explains the powerful track:

 “‘Float’ is about feeling responsible for damaging a fragile person. Someone who had never been in a relationship, someone with trust issues that won’t bounce back from a heartbreak in quite the same way as other people. It’s a person who has lived their entire life confined within the borders of a landlocked state being taken to the ocean for the first time and left on their own.” Already compared with the likes of Frank Ocean and SOHN, Thomston took the music blog scene by storm when he leaked an experimental EP in 2014. Since then 20 year old Thomas Stoneman, better known for his stage name Thomston has garnered over 20 million Spotify streams and international media attention. His material, from 2014’s ‘Argonaut’ EP to 2015’s ‘Backbone’ release, offer a brooding snapshot of suburban teenage transitions, and act as “the perfect introduction to an intriguing new artist” (Fader). His collaboration with 22-year-old Brisbane-based songwriter and vocalist Wafia on ‘Window Seat’, took his artistry to yet another level fuelling great anticipation for his forthcoming debut album later this year.

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