New Music: The Boxer Rebellion ‘Big Ideas’

London quartet The Boxer Rebellion reveal ‘Big Ideas’; the first single from their highly anticipated fifth studio album “Ocean By Ocean” – due April 29th. From March 4th, fans can instantly download the track for free when the album is pre-ordered at the following link. ‘Big Ideas’ is an atmospheric, climactic single that beautifully combines both the intimate and the epic. It sees the band at their finest, with stylish delayed guitars, pulsing rhythms – all tied together with front man Nathan Nicholson’s captivating vocals. It’s is a track that concerns missed opportunities according to Nicholson. “It’s about meeting someone special but at the wrong time in your life. You feel lucky to have met them but also, because of the bad timing, like you have the very worst kind of luck.”For a band forming as early brit pop fans, The Boxer Rebellion sounded nothing like the scene they came from – as 2005 debut album ‘Exits’ proved – sounding instead both out of time and place, individual in an era of identikits. Their debut won over celebrity fans such as Ewan McGregor (their music can be heard on his TV Show ‘Long Way Down’), and led to reviews and features in UK Press such as The Sun, NME and Kerrang. In 2007, they recorded their second album ‘Union’. They knew that they had created something special here, a belief that kept them plugging away at it until, in 2009, they finally secured its release, on their own label. Haunted by Talk Talk’s elegiac soundscapes, and Sigur Ros’s celestial melodies, it was cinematic and hypnotic. And it quickly came to the attentions of iTunes, which made its first single, ‘Evacuate’ their worldwidesingle of the week. The album now had a global reach, and they quickly made chart history by becoming the first ever unsigned act to enter the Billboard Top 100 in the US on digital sales alone. Two years later, they released ‘The Cold Still’, produced by the legendary Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon, Laura Marling, The Vaccines) and recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. Like the songs on ‘Union’ before it, several tracks from ‘The Cold Still’ and following album ‘Promises’ were handpicked for use in TV series and feature films, which means that anyone who has watched, over the years,NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, Lincoln Heights, Going The Distance, Being Human and Shameless will be, perhaps unwittingly, already familiar with their music. Similarly in 2015, lead singer Nathan Nicholson lent his voice to the tracks ‘In The Beginning’ and ‘Heartbeat’ from the critically acclaims and triple j-featured Claptone album ‘Charmer’, leading to a whole new group of fans ubiquitously singing along to his brooding vocals without even knowing it. Three years since the bands 4th album ‘Promises’, and with the addition of new guitarist Andrew Smith, ‘Ocean by Ocean’ is an accomplished, beautifully orchestrated and impeccably freighted album. Their sound is brooding and ruminative, glacial, Nathan’s rising falsetto casting an eerie lava lamp glow on songs that sound good before midnight, and even better afterwards. Ocean by Ocean’ is a transcendent record infused as much with darkness as it is light. There is brooding melancholy here that often translates into an emotional sucker punch. The Boxer Rebellion have always been independent of spirit, and have never sounded quite like anybody else. They have been there, playing the background of our consciousness, and they are just getting started. It is quite simply The Boxer Rebellion’s most complete record to date. The Boxer Rebellion are one of those rare bands who stay the course. Rarer still are the ones who get better over the years until quietly, astutely, they deliver their classic. The Boxer Rebellion are one of those bands, and ‘Ocean by Ocean’ is one of those records.

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