Nashville based Americana artist Szlachetka’s new single “Let’s Run Away” is being released on Friday March 19.  It was produced by Grammy winning producer Scott Underwood (Drummer/ founding member of TRAIN). They recorded it live at Blackbird Studio A and Thunderwood Sound in Nashville between June 30- July 12 of 2019.

Szlachetka co-wrote the song with his good friend and collaborator John Stanislawski.

Szlachetka says “it was co-written with John Stanislawski during an afternoon jam session and initially came out of the main guitar riff that occurs throughout the song. After we flushed out the guitar riff, we did a writer’s exercise where we separated for 5 minutes and wrote down whatever came to mind. This is how we came up with the first few lines of the first verse and were able tap into the random yet care-free vibe of the song.  Lightness, fun and positive energy is something I’m trying to help put out in the world right now as we enter a new year and leave behind a heavy four years.”

“Let’s Run Away” marks the sixth single being released from his upcoming 11 song album Young Heart, Old Soul, and the first single to be released in 2021.  The first five singles “Bullet Through The Wind,” “Lifeboat,” “Earthquake,” “”Old Soul” and “Cutting The Firelines” have generated airplay and buzz.