Nashville based Americana artist Szlachetka’s (pronounced Sla-Het-Ka) new single “Earthquake” was released on Friday August 14.  It was produced by Grammy winning producer Scott Underwood (Drummer/ founding member of TRAIN). They recorded it at Blackbird Studio A and Thunderwood Sound in Nashville between June 30- July 12 of 2019. They brought in Jimmy Wallace (Joe Walsh/ The Wallfowers) on keys, Christian Wood (Sara Evans, Leigh Nash) on bass and Jamie Kent, Brandon James and Sarah Aili for background vocals.

Szlachetka co-wrote the song with his longtime friend and collaborator Paul Stephens.  Together they touched on the current worldly state of affairs and the uncertainty and fear that has engulfed society.  Rather than point fingers, they wanted to write a song that unites people, “gotta get together, build this world better.” The power of many is stronger than the power of one and it’s a reminder that even in hard times, we have to put our differences aside and band together to overcome hardship and make progress.