New Music: Shannon Noll ‘Living In Stereo’

Aussie favourite Shannon Noll returns with a brand new video and song Living In Stereo – filmed right here in the heart of Melbourne by none other than our very own blog sponsor Josef Weber!! I caught up with Josef today… 
“Living In Stereo was a truly amazing and exciting experience for me as a Director. Many thanks to Universal Music for letting me head the visuals for the project and for giving me my first ever major label gig. Shannon and his entire team were a pleasure to work with, they were lots of fun, really down to earth and overall I’m really happy the fans love the video too!”

The video has been well received by fans, here is what they are saying…
Love the video clip, love the song and love Shannon. Awesome!!!!!

Amazing video clip – such a big fan of live footage in video clips! This is just SO YOU Shannon – so natural and so much fun! Brilliant song too 🙂

So Awesome,Love the song,love the music, Love The Video, A reminder of your sensational concerts, love this Shannon.

This must be one of the best music videos in a long time!!! SHANNON, SHANNON, SHANNON!!!

Awesome clip Shannon, to an awesome song! Love the live bits! And the shirt off doesn’t hurt the eyes either LOL xxx

Fun as – and that is all

Well done! You’ve captured Shannon at his best 🙂

Fantastic clip! Love seeing footage of Shannon live, brilliantly done and so right for this song – Great work!!

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