New Music: Jonny Avery ‘Captains of Industry’

Jonny Avery is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand who mixes soulful melodies with delicate guitar work. After moving to Wellington to complete his Masters in Music at the New Zealand School of Music, Jonny released his debut solo EP ‘Atonement for Eden’. He has had a busy year, performing regularly around New Zealand. Recently he opened for Australian heavyweights Pendulum on their ‘Rhythm And Vines’ tour. Jonny’s influences include Paul Simon, Jeff Buckley and James TaylorCaptains of Industry” is cowritten by Jonny and his dad. The first half of the lyrics were penned by Jonny’s dad before he passed away in 2000. Several years later, and unaware that the song even existed, Jonny found the lyrics in his dad’s old briefcase in the basement in his childhood home while on holiday. Jonny decided to pay homage to his dad by composing a melody and bridge so that the song could be completed. Soon after, he got his band together to record the song at a local school in Wellington. It was mastered at Park Road Productions in Wellington, the same studio that worked on the post-production of The Lord of The Rings movies. “‘Captains of Industry’ is about corporate greed and the unacceptable treatment of natural resources in exchange for profit. It’s a difficult topic to sing about so I decided drape the song in irony by adding joyful beats and instrumentation. It’s best to interpret the lyrics as an accusation of unethical behaviour towards global corporations, rather then a song that actually praises them— I only mention this because people have come up to me after gigs asking me why I support such crazy ideas.”Jonny Avery 

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