New Music: Federal Lights ‘Into The Ground’

Winnipeg’s Federal Lights isn’t a love song kind of band. Rather, songwriter Jean-Guy Roy, pens lyrics that yearn for the romantic. Produced by Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities, Sheepdogs), Coeur de Lion finds a sense of beauty by examining the gravity of everyday moments. A song might be about riding transit and overhearing a kid say something obvious that feels profound; it might be about experiencing the harder edges of city life and the emotional toll that can take. What ties it all together is hope – in even the most haunting tracks there’s a morsel of it. “I find it uplifting that there’s some hope in the saddest of situations,” says Roy.

Coeur de Lion travels through points of pressure, regret, solace, anticipation, and disquiet, without ever losing sight. The anthemic first single “Into The Ground” brings themes of endurance and resolution to the forefront. “The song talks about the dynamic of relationships. They’re a work in progress that can take people to the edge of every emotion conceivable, constantly begging the question, ‘is this worth it’? Ultimately for me, it is, but sadly for a lot of people it isn’t. Hopefully this song can at least offer some understanding.”

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