NEW MUSIC: Ideomotor ‘We Can’t Work’

Ideomotor keeps delivering the goods. Their new “We Can’t Work” single is an impressive follow-up for “Amplify”, the song that was dubbed as “an enthralling piece of doom-riddled electro-pop” by The Line Of Best Fit, “a swathe of glorious electronic mastery” by We Close Tonight, and praised by Clash among other hard-to-please music medias. The new music video was directed by Pete Veijalainen, one of Finland’s most acclaimed and awarded directors.  

Erkka Wennonen & Kimmo Myllyviita originally hail from Finland and have been close friends since their early teens. Despite their shared passion and musical inclinations they never considered making music together until Kimmo moved to Switzerland in 2013. It was then that they initially breached the subject of a collaboration as they felt it would be a good way to stay in touch. Little did they know it would lead to the creation of some the most innovative and unexpected music of their careers. Mixing acoustic instruments with contemporary production techniques, the duo began to synthesize their interests, bridging brit pop / 80’s synth pop with 90’s era grunge / post punk. The resulting sound was something they felt was tragic and triumphant, muscular yet dreamy.  While the reception to their initial demos was overwhelmingly positive, they found their new sound to be a bit of an anomaly; too heavy to dance to and too synth-y to bang your head to. They decided that instead of shying away from this oddity, they would embrace and explore its possibilities. Ideomotor is currently working on a full-length debut to be released in 2017.

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