A young man so obsessed with sound he hears lyrics as sounds abstracted from meaning, bouncing between Future Bass and Moombahton grooves. Aself-taught musician who’s intense focus on sound from the unlikely age of six manifested in one of the more unorthodox career paths. This is Førd and it is his real name.

At kindergarten he was teaching himself pop songs on guitar. At ten a Metallica obsession consumed him and for the next three years he was a mini-Lars Ulrich on his drum kit. The pop-guitarist-metal-drumming 13 year old’sfollowing obsession, however unlikely, was Fréderíc Chopin. Førd became a pop-guitarist-metal-drumming-19th century classical pianist and composer.Bases covered. 

The next couple of years were intense even by mid-teen standards; film scores were written, film production internships held, Abelton Live courses completed, moves from Sydney to Bryon undergone, schools dropped out of, albums recorded, managers found, international artists collaborated with, and ping pong with Flume played; mostly in that orderand all before he could legally buy a beer. He still can’t.

He might be too young to go to gigs but he’s content for now to draw inspiration from his surrounds, from art and from the music he finds online. He continues to exalt The Weekend and Flume and unfazed by haters and scandal, he continues to admire Justin Bieber; he likes the tone of his voice and the sounds in his production. Which is ultimately the only thing you really need to know about Førd; none of that other stuff matters in the slightest. It really is all about the sound.

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