NEW MUSIC: Conrad Sewell ‘Changing’

Conrad Sewell confessed his mistakes and yearned to tell his uncut story on his new tracks, “Come Clean” & “Healing Hands” – two songs with minimal production driven by the Australian Conrad’s bold, big, and bluesy wail. Today, Sewell arrives with his next chapter in his evolution as an artist and individual, the vulnerable and emotional song, “Changing”.

The song which premiered on Just Jared, is a stripped back ballad that shows the Aussie powerhouse’s penchant for bold and masterful songwriting, and was written in the middle of a relationship when he made a personal discovery about himself. Sewell explained, “I started to realize that I was ruining it, and that my actions were starting to affect her. I would come home and see her crying. She was always upset. She wasn’t the same person that she was when we first started dating. And I felt like it was because of me and the way I was acting. So it was really me apologizing for everything I’ve done. And telling her to never change for anyone because you’re perfect the way you are. Especially don’t change for me because I wasn’t worth it at the time.” Conrad’s raw approach to songwriting continues to reflect in his releases this year. Conrad has made it clear that these songs are the next chapter of his career-  which are the beginning of Conrad’s next chapter- one that will be more honest and reflective than he has been before. This is really who I am,” he leaves off. “For my whole life, the only thing I’ve needed to do is make music. I devote everything I can to it, and I always will. I’m here to entertain people. I hope to give them something to relate to.”

Having seen major success between touring with Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and KYGO, amassing millions of streams and garnering praise from Entertainment Weekly, Teen Vogue, Vice, NBC, and Nylon who proclaimed him to be “Australia’s next great pop export”, Conrad Sewell’s voice has carried him to nearly every corner of the globe. The vocalist behind Kygo’s ‘Firestone,’ has reached RIAA platinum status, generating nearly 1 billion cumulative streams, and entertaining audiences everywhere from Coachella to Madison Square Garden, and joined forces with the late Avicii for the hit ‘Taste the Feeling’ in addition to bringing ‘Sex, Love & Water’ to life for Armin van Buuren. Over the last 2 years, Conrad had been playing shows all over the world alongside renowned artists and DJs alike, but it was taking a toll on him mentally and physically. “I was fucking over it,” he confesses. “Life on the road had become a whirlwind in the past few years. I was partying like a madman, and I completely fucked up a relationship I thought would last forever. When I started writing, I held nothing back.” His new music shed ambiguity and confront his reality head on by candidly speaking on alcohol, drugs, a penchant for blacking out, and a myriad of mistakes in his beloved pop/rock vocals. These tracks are not an apology though; it’s simply his truth over minimal instrumentation and production. When Conrad returned to the studio, he did so with the same producer that worked on ‘Start Again,’ Jamie Hartman [Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone]. “We focused on the voice,” he goes on. “It’s pop music, but there’s a raw rock ‘n’ roll sensibility to it.”

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