New Music: Chicago ‘America’

Chicago released their new single, America, on Wednesday, describing it as “a stirring challenge to “we the people” to save the American dream before it’s too late.”

The band’s Lee Loughnane, who wrote the song, said “America is a song that has been waiting to be written for many years. The core message of “America is you and me”, intuitively resonates with people. Chicago’s grass-roots message, far from being polarizing, is crafted to inspire people of all political perspectives, who, though disagreeing vehemently on many points, still share common fears and hopes for the future of the nation – we are truly all in this together.”

He went on to add “Perhaps in some way, the message found in America will remind people to think about how much more we can all do, especially in what we demand from OUR government. America can and should be an even better place… We must find new ways to work together to preserve this remarkable pursuit of happiness. To preserve a life of freedom for generations to come, we simply cannot – must not – fail.”

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