New Music: CHAMBERS ‘Yeagin Shone’

Forming as a time killer in high school, it was only after graduating that the boys from Chambers (Jim, Jason, Hendo, and Aiden) started taking their music and creativity more seriously. 

After playing a bunch of shows for two years straight, the months leading up to the end of 2015 saw the band take a bit of a break to recoup, recollect and start working on a brand new set and musical direction. Their new single “Yeagin Shone” encompasses their transition from being young and dumb, to being slightly older and slightly wiser.

2016 has just begun, and Chambers will make it their best one yet.

The single was recorded at Tender Trap Studios and was produced and engineered by Greg “Bees Knees” Rietwyk. Mastering was done by Jacob M at Clockwork Mastering.

“’Yeagin Shone’ was written about a mate of ours who was going through a mental rough patch, it was one thing seeing him go through it but I wanted to explore it from both the perspective of the ailment he had and his own perspective. Sorta delving into the frame of mind you have and the thoughts that follow when you come to terms with your issue.”  – Chambers

The single sounds like a band who have found their feet and are excited to explore what lies ahead of them.

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