New Music: All The Colours ‘Shame’

The suave and erudite All The Colours gentlemen are poised to release their latest single ‘Shame’ from their self-titled forthcoming debut album. (September 2013).

Following from singles ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Second To None’, ‘Shame’ again highlights the band’s knack for wrapping classic songwriting in a warm wave of vintage sonic production. From the growling intro to the whiskey-soaked guitars, the track oozes a dapper and sophisticated charm mixed with sex in the coatroom of a plush hotel.

All The Colours take the visceral thrills of Camus, Hitchcock and the Doors then drag them onto the cover of a future edition of Vogue magazine. Inspired by the words of Jim Morrison, “I dont know what’s gonna happen man, but I wanna have my kicks before the whole shit house go’s up in flames.”

‘Shame’ is accompanied by another collaboration with prodigious Melbourne music video director Guy Franklin (Kimbra, Guy Sebastian). 

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