NBC: Official Days Of Our Lives Press Release

“Days of our Lives,” NBC’s longest-running scripted television series, embarks on a new era of romance by bringing back two of its most beloved characters, Deidre Hall (“Marlena Evans”) and Drake Hogestyn (“John Black”). Deidre has starred as the adored Dr. Marlena Evans on the show for 35 of its 45 years and is recognized as one of the biggest icons of daytime television, while Drake has appeared alongside her for 25 years as half of one of the biggest super-couples in soap opera history. Together the two have had four weddings, raised a family together, and survived paralysis, amnesia, false deaths, and mind-control, all while representing the idea that true love and family conquers all.

Executive Producer Ken Corday has promised to refocus efforts on romance and core family values and initiated its transformation with the appointment of a new head writing team, Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, and a new executive producing team, Greg Meng and Noel Maxam. The new direction includes telling more contemporary stories based on the solid foundation of the “Days” history of family, romance, and drama. Ken Corday commented on the renaissance of the show, “We are thrilled that Deidre and Drake are rejoining the show. I know their return will excite loyal fans and intrigue new viewers. We are gearing up for some amazing cast surprises and guest stars visiting Salem in the fall, launching a grand event airing on September 26th.

Hall and Hogestyn have remained a part of the “Days family” by participating in the ten-city book tour for “Days of our Lives 45 Years A Celebration in Photos,” a photo book authored by Meng that celebrates the show’s historic 45 years on television. “At every stop on the book tour, families of fans told us how much Marlena and John meant to them,” commented Greg Meng.

“Days” will reset in the fall with a huge event and the arrival of many surprises in Salem. The occasion promises to be a historical one, filled with reunions, surprises, mystery, and tragedy. Incredible… even by daytime drama standards.

theaussieword predicts that the show is about to embark on one long huge nostalgic journey. A journey that will bring core Salem families together, classic supercouple reunions, lavish weddings, on location drama and best of all tragedy in it’s most traditional form – a masquerade party explosion. It works every time. Good luck DAYS, I’m with you on this journey – forever and for always.

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  1. Absolutely Awesome News!!!!!!! Can't wait for the excitement to gear up and roar onto the tv.

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