Melbourne’s Rock Scene

The extraordinary rock scene in Melbourne: my favourite Punk Rock artists in 2020, the recession of COVID 19 and hopes for the future

Melbourne is Australia’s home of live music and the most multicultural city in Australia.

This city has an exciting blend of cultures, including a lot of multiethnic communities, and it hosts a diverse variety of all kind of music.

There is no surprise that Melbourne is actually the nationwide centre of the rock music movement, the place to be if you wanna play or book shows for your music project or band.

It is the city where a lot of musicians across Australia gravitate to progress their music career.

Melbourne has become home to a lot of the top and emerging rockers, punk and indie artists.

Melbourne’s punk rock music scene is also one of the best in the world with artists that become famous in the local scene and then they explode worldwide.

It’s 2 years that I’m living in this city, going to gigs and playing the drums in a few projects… and I love it

All the amazing pics are from Bill Golding – Johnston Street 

How is Melbourne so cool?

But, what does make the rock’n’roll scene so cool here in Melbourne?

Are its unique bars, the cultural diversity of the music offered or just people here, that are interested in music and social life?

Probably all of these reasons, and so many more. Melbourne is definitely the place to be in Australia, not for the weather, of course! But you know nothing is perfect!

Charging Stallion at The Old Bar 

Melbourne music scene during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Covid 19 pandemic has been really hard for everyone in Australia, as everywhere in the world, and it has been pretty tough in Melbourne, too, with Victoria having the most strict regulation between the Australian States.

Pubs, cafes, restaurants and disco club has been shut down for weeks now, and we don’t know yet if we could assist to the next concert, and if we will.

It feels like someone has stolen the heart of Melbourne, this magic and welcoming city, and transform it in an empty space where everyone has to take distance from each other.

The feeling of diffidence is growing, at the same time, as the same willingness of hugging your friends and gather together, at the park, at home and in a pub.

I’m watering only thinking about a good parma (I do eggplant, not chicken) with a glass of wine or a good beer at the pub around the corner.

I’m Italian, so I’ve been suffering a lot about what’s happening in my home country and a friend of mine told me that for him, having a coffee at the bar has been like eating caviar in France.

So it’s gonna be amazing when we’ll be able to go back to music gigs and enjoy shows.

And I dig it, it’s always like that you need something challenging to appreciate what feels normal during 

I don’t want to this is a good, period, but when things are hard, it opens a space for change, and hopefully, things are gonna get better soon, and we will see some great punk rock shows again at the Tote Hotel or the Last Chance Rock’n’Roll bar.

My favourite Punk Rock/Rock’n’Roll artists in Melbourne in 2020

Amyl and the Sniffers

Amyl and the Sniffers is for sure the most famous punk rock band from Melbourne. They have a strong reputation and well deserved. Their singer Amyl is everything but not a usual singer, as you can see from her insta. Just listen to their songs, and you will be amused, and angry Lol

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice

If you like great sounds, unique atmosphere and a dark attitude, the indie band Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice is for sure what you are looking for. Their live shows are always flawless.

Futur suck

Future suck, all in one breath: they are powerful, fast and their shows just leave you breathless! They play tight punk rock, with faster parts savagely executed!

Live at The Gasometer 


Gonzo is math rock, sharp sounds, and everything played perfectly and with a subtitle, temperate irony typical from Geelong, where they are from. One of my favourite bands, with no doubts, as I probably saw them 10 times in the past year.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 11.31.52 pm


If you know Kiss, then you will love Smooch. Their 80’s style stands up on stage, as they use makeup in a really colourful way. The public like them as they start the show, as they love them when they sing their catchy chorus.

BIO: Andrea loves music so much that he created a FREE community for musicians called LiveTrigger, he is also a drummer at Zero to Drum.