Melbourne WebFest 2013: Official Selection! have just released the following statement revealing the 30 submissions which will be screened at Kindred Studios on July 20!

“Wow! It has been a busy few weeks for our judges. So many entries, and so many amazing series have really made their job difficult. Looking at the quality of the series that have been submitted we could have easily doubled, or tripled, this year’s selection. As a result we will be expanding the festival in 2014, and naturally we will be including more series. But, it has to come down to a number, and that number is 30 this time around. Without further ado, here are the amazing series that will be screening at the inaugural Melbourne WebFest on 20 July at Kindred Studios in Yarraville, Melbourne. Congratulations to all crews and creators”

Great – created by: Julian Costanzo, Melbourne, Australia
Super Knocked Up – created by: Jeff Burns, New York, USA
The Wrong guys for the job –created by: Matthew Tibbenham, California, USA
Forse Sono io (Must Be me) – created by: Rossella Alfieri, Rome, Italy
Pairings – created by: Ed Robinson, California, USA
Get Stuffed – created by: Michael Lanzer, Melbourne, Australia
Chris and Josh –created by: Matthew Smolen, Melbourne, Australia
Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room – created by: Mark Bonanno, Melbourne Australia

Mythos – created by: Miriam Pultro, New York, USA
To Punchy – created by: Will Murphy, Ontario, Canada
Cuckoo – created by: Marie Caffrey, Dublin, Ireland
The Runner – created by: Liz Scully, Vancouver B.C., Canada 
Out With Dad – created by: Jason Leaver, Toronto, Canada
SYD2030 – created by: Tatjana Marjanovic, Sydney, Australia

After – created by: Kirk Jaques, B.C., Canada
Event Zero – created by: Enzo Tedeschi, Sydney, Australia 
Ruby Skye P.I. – created by: Jill Golick, Toronto, Canada
The Syndicate – created by: Systir Productions, London, UK
8.13 – created by: Traycee King California, USA—suspense/thriller
Clutch – created by: Jonathan Robbins, Toronto, Canada

Olympia – created by: Hisonni Johnson, California, USA
Self-Centered – created by: Kevin Proctor, London, UK
“My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine – created by: Torin Stefanson, Canada
Mission Backup Earth – created by: Alexander Pfander, Berlin, Germany
3×3 – created by: Damien Javelle, Paris, France
Abigail – created by: Gavin Llambes, USA

Hungry in the West End – created by: John Martin, Rhode Island, USA
The Journey of Documentary – created by: Atalanti Dionysus, Sydney, Australia
iMeYou: Queer Film Project – created by: Grant Sciclune, Melbourne Australia
Critical Thinking – created by: Kristin Alford, Melbourne, Australia

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