Kim Kardashian: Her second attempt at a music career?

Kim Kardashian has achieved the Holy Grail of musician’s accolades by appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, one of music’s most noteworthy publications. Are we to assume that this means something for her musical future? Possibly. Earlier this year Kim tweeted that she was having piano lessons and was learning one of Kanye’s songs to surprise him. The result was a flurry of media reports suggesting she may be about to attempt a music career once more. Now that she’s made an appearance on Rolling Stone, we can’t help but suspect that this may be the case.
Back in 2011 Kim, not yet a superstar but certainly on her way to mega fame, released a song called Jam (Turn It Up) which featured her synthesized voice repeating over and over again: “They playing my jam, they playing my jam..”. Needless to say, the song was a flop – it was described by a Vulture critic as having vocals that “sounded as if they are emanating from a baby that is either very bored or very drugged”. Kim and her defenders saved face by reminding the public that the song was produced to raise money for charity, but was that really the case?
Never mind, Kim. At least your video game was a hit. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood first appeared on mobile and was published by Glu Mobile, one of tech’s most successful publishers. It soon climbed the charts of Apple’s AppStore and in 2014 it reportedly made $100million. Recently the game’s makers launched a follow up. Kim Kardashian: Slots is a casino game that sees Kim and her friends go to glamorous Las Vegas. This follows the ever-growing plethora of online pokies that you can play now. Will it be as successful as her Hollywood game? Let’s wait and see.
For now, music fans are safe from the onslaught of Kim’s second attempt at a music career. But we’re watching this space – to onlookers, it seems that Kim is hell bent on world domination. One musician who won’t be buying her album is Sinead O’Connor, who wrote a scathing Facebook post upon seeing Kardashian on Rolling Stone’s cover earlier this month saying: “Music has officially died. Who knew it would be the Rolling Stone that murdered it?” We know, Sinead, we know. But let’s wait and see what happens.
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