INXS ‘Michael Hutchence’ Biopic – ‘Never Tear Us Apart’

The promo for ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, the Seven Network’s Michael Hutchence biopic disguised as the INXS story, has been released.

‘Never Tear Us Apart’ is billed as “the untold story of INXS” but the promo revolves around Hutchence’s personal relationships with Kylie Minogue and Paula Yates. Kirk Pengilly’s short-term marriage to Deni Hines doesn’t get a mention yet the importance of who Michael slept with seems to be a focus of the series in this early stages of promotion.

The INXS series is also believed to end with the death of Michael Hutchence despite the story continuing on for another 15 years with various new lead singers including Jon Stevens, Terence Trent D’Arby, J.D. Fortune and Ciaran Gribbin.

The INXS biopic stars Luke Arnold as Michael Hutchence and Samantha Jade as Kylie Minogue. The production is currently being filmed in Melbourne with some parts done recently at The Espy Hotel in St Kilda doubling as the now defunct Bombay Rock in Brunswick.

Seven will screen ‘Never Tell Us Apart’ in 2014.

INXS were one of the most successful Australian bands of all-time. From the start of the band in 1977 until the death of Michael Hutchence in 1997 they did not have one line-up change.

INXS were nominated for the Grammy Awards three times and won the Brit Award for Best International Group in 1991.

‘Kick’ (1987) reached no. 3 in the USA, ‘X’ (1990) reached no. 5. ‘Welcome To Wherever You Are’ (1992) was a no. 1 album in the UK. ‘X’ reached no. 2 in England and ‘Full Moon Dirty Hearts’ (1993) reached no. 3.

‘The Swing’ (1984(, ‘Kick’ (1987) and ‘X’ (1990) were no. 1 albums in Australia. ‘Shabooh Shoobah’ (1982), ‘Listen Like Thieves’ (1985), ‘Welcome To Wherever You Are’ (1992) and ‘Full Moon Dirty Hearts’ (1993) were all top 10 albums in Australia.

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  1. There is a lot of story to Inxs. Maybe that's why the guys signed a deal for the production of books & movies. Everything doesn't have to be told in one outing. Those guys are being smart. Not giving away all the milk, so to speak.

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