Exclusive Special Interview: BOOM CRASH OPERA!

Peter ‘Maz’ Maslen Drummer from Boom Crash Opera talks to theaussieword.com in an exclusive special interview!
What can you tell our readers about you?
I’m 54 years old, vego, 180cm, greying, balding and weight 95kgs. I play drums for money and I live in Melbourne.
How and where did it all begin?
I was born in Cairns FNQ. My older cousins played music and it was a natural step to follow in their footsteps! I learnt ‘Wipe Out’ by ‘The Surfaris’ with 2 wooden hangers on a pillow. Then, my older sister bought home 2 albums and said, “These albums are shit … do you want them??”  I’d never heard of ‘Cosmos Factory by Creedence Clearwater Revival or ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly … but they totally BLEW MY MIND!!!!!!
Who motivates or influences your quest to make great music?
Mostly me.. If I don’t get off my arse and get motivated, there is no one else who will do it for me! Ironically, I’m completely inspired by motivated people. Keeping busy and focused builds my motivation and working with people of like mind, generates its own weather-pattern of inspiration!

Do you have any planned tours coming up?

Saturday 22 Feb – Between The Bays Festival
Sunday 2 March – Clipsal 500 w/- Keith Urban
Saturday 8 March – Northcote Social Club
301 High St, Northcote VIC 3070
(03) 9489 3917
Sunday 9 March – Motor City Music Festival
Saturday 22 March – A Day on the Green w/- Jimmy Barnes
Friday 28 March – Lone Star Tavern
Sunshine Blvd, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218
(07) 5572 2000
Saturday 29 March – Racehorse Hotel
215 Brisbane Rd, Booval QLD 4304
(07) 3282 1222
Sunday 30 March – A Day on the Green w/- Jimmy Barnes
Thursday 3 April – The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9550 3666
Friday 4 April – Terrey Hills Tavern
2 Aumuna Rd, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
(02) 9486 3343
Saturday 5 April – Taren Point Hotel
105 Parraweena Rd, Miranda NSW 2228
(02) 9525 2879
What have been some of your biggest goals you’ve to accomplished as an artist?
-Learning to play drums (for a start)
-Joining a band with members who share the same goal
-Gaining respect of my peers
-Seeing, but never meeting really famous people
-Having a low tolerance for bullshit
-Realising that drugs and alcohol mask what is real
-Writing stuff like this and trying to make me seem like I’m not a wanker
-Achieving the above goals

Success, what is the secret to it and what has been your biggest career highlight so far?
NEVER reveal everything you know!
Biggest Career Highlight:
Haven’t had it yet. It’s still coming!
I’ll let you know when it happens!
Which other musicians in the music industry do you find inspiring?
Members of Boom Crash Opera and members of Mark Seymour and The Undertow.
Both are bands I’m creatively engaged in ALL the time.
Without these people, I’m nothing!!!

How would you best describe you and your music to your fans?
Boom Crash Opera: exciting, loud, brash, musical, chanty, funny, tragic and empty.
What can you tell us about your latest album?
Rattle It Out’ – It’s a collection of our first 3 x albums AND an extra (4th) disc with rarities and previously unheard of material.
Are there any new exciting projects in the works?
Yes, another album yet to record with Mark Seymour and The Undertow.
Mark is a hard working, earnest songwriter who looks to his band (The Undertow), for creative back up and assistance in crafting and sensitively interpreting his songs.
The music industry is huge, where do you see yourself a few years from now?
The music industry is an ever moving, ever changing jelly-like substance. I’ll try and follow it as best I can so that I can position myself to keep alive in it. I love it!!
Name a few of your favourite Aussie artists.
The Reels, Midnight Oil, Empire of the Sun, Sally Seltmann, Sean Kelly, Mark Seymour
The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what does it mean to you in getting your records out into the public eye?
There’s never been an easier time to get your songs to the public at large.
Social Media has moved the goal posts. If you have some money, you can afford to record an EP or an album. A little more money, and you can hire a publicist. You can manufacture your own CDs and sell them as you wish. Get your little sister to make a video with a great idea and post on youtube. Essentially, you’re your own record company and your input, will match your output!
Thank you for the interview! What can you leave fans of theaussieword.com with here today?
The idea that there will ALWAYS be a music industry.. In some way, shape or form!!
Between The Bays – February 22 > www.betweenthebays.com

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