Exclusive Special Interview: Ash Edelman

theaussieword.com catches up with model and personal trainer Ash Edelman.
You’re an Aussie bloke living abroad in London, when did the big move take place?
Yeah mate. My 2 year visa actually started last September, but I had to return home mid Jan to help the parents out and run their business whilst they were both in Cyprus. Once they returned in May I got myself a flight back over and was here within the week.

Was it your interest in fitness or modelling that led you to London?
Personal training was always my goal but I kind of fell into stripping ha ha. I now am a part of a male variety show at Pacha in Victoria called Forbidden night (and yes ladies, it’s the same style as Magic Mike). I also do personal training at LA Fitness in New Barnet.

Your biggest motivators and influences in life?
In general, my parents are my biggest motivators, they back me no matter what and have done so on some stupid idea in the past ha ha. Other than that, my biggest motivator is people telling me I can’t, I love proving people wrong and that drives me harder.

You’re a qualified Personal Trainer and a YORHealth Rep? 
Yeah, I’m a qualified PT and absoulty love changing lives every day as well as being a YORHealth Rep. YORHealth has done wonders for me finically and with my heath! GO GREEN BABY.

What’s a typical gym session for you?
My gym sessions tend to change every 4 weeks to keep my body constantly guessing. At present, in training for the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ UKBFF tournament here in the UK so my training is twice a day for 3 days then I have a rest and go again ha-ha.

You’re pumping weights at the gym, what’s pumping through your ears on your iPod?
Depending, it changes between a lot of Slipknot, A Day to Remember and other heavy stuff to some festival music on sound cloud. Loving DJ Carnage at the moment.

Your biggest career highlight?
As my career is only starting fresh here in the UK there aren’t many but, I’ve done a few photo shoots for Aussie Bum, Marco Marco, and little rok in the past few weeks and am having things sent away to Men’s health UK which is exciting. I’ve also just got myself a TV commercial Agent so that’s pretty big.

Gym session is over, what’s your standard routine for dinner when you get home?
Within half hour of my gym routine you will find me stuffing my face with a protein shake and my meal which could be salmon and cous  cous or turkey and veggies. Once I get home from work I spend an hr or 2 meal prepping for the next day ha-ha.

Have you ever caved in to junk when out for dinner?
Plenty of times, but that was out of comp prep time ha ha. I allow myself a reefed day once a week but that’s it at present.

Your quote “The best way to predict your future is to create it” – where do you see yourself in a couple years time?
To be honest, I want to be fitness modelling back home in Aus. as well as personal training in my own business and doing comp’s regularly. London is certainly the place to start that goal as there is a lot of opportunity here

The thing you miss most about Australia?
The sunshine ha-ha. Coming over here from the Sunshine Coast is a big change ha-ha

Now for the raunchy part of the interview! You’re an underwear and swimwear model, you completed a photo shoot the other day – tell us about it.
Ha ha yeah, I did a shoot for Aussie bum which was a lot of fun, then a few day later and it got a lot more full on. We did shoot for an Italian Swimwear brand called little rock as well as some Marco Marco things. From what was told a lot of the photos are heading into one of the biggest gay mags in the world. I can’t remember the name of the mag for the life of me but yeah.

You have two stars tattooed on either side of your pectorals! Do they represent anything specific?
Ha ha, actually they are the only tattoos I have that have no meaning, I just thought they looked good. I saw them on a bird in the ‘home girls section’ in a people mag and thought they would be sick ha-ha. I was 19 so fair play.

‘Forbidden Nights’ looks like one wild night! What’s all that about?
Forbidden Nights is a lot of fun. I’ve only been with the boys for a month but we are filling the club with 200 plus women every Saturday night. It goes for about a 2hrs and it’s almost like Magic Mike…. But we are much better ha-ha

How do you handle all the attention from the ladies and the gents!?
I wouldn’t be in the industry if I didn’t enjoy it right? Ha-ha.  Me and the lads love getting our flirt on with the lady’s before and after the show. We get a few blokes coming in but not to many, but I think they scream louder than the girls during the show when they are in ha

What’s your connection with ‘Aussie Bum?’
I went for a test shoot with Flash Avenue Studio in London and they loved me. They got me back for a shoot for some Aussie bum gear and that was it really. They loved the fact I was an Aussie in London ha ha.
Any jokes fired around the room amongst the boys during a photo shoot?
Ha ha yeah, we actually had a 21 yr old bloke from Prague who looked identical to Arnold Schwarzenegger so that was just endless jokes ha-ha.

Boxers or Briefs?
I’m a briefs or commando man ha-ha

You were filmed in an office commercial the other week, how did all that go?
That was actually a comedy Bollywood film. Only a short part but it was a lot of fun.

Any plans to head back to Australia?
I’ve got to come back over New Years for my best mates wedding but then I will be straight back to finish my visa out.

Thanks for your time Ash! Any final message for our readers at theaussieword.com?
Anytime mate, it was a pleasure!! Please guys, like my fitness page on FB ‘Ash Edelman Fitness Model’ and share it with everyone. It’s my journey to the UKBFF as well as my modelling, health and fitness tips and general motivation! 
Facebook: Ash Edelman Fitness Model
Twitter: @AshEdelmanPT
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