Ella Hooper Rocks Melbourne!

Charismatic Australian songstress, Ella Hooper launched the second single Haxan, from her debut solo album, in an intimate setting at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on Thursday night. It’s been over a decade since we last saw Ella rocking the stage as the lead singer in Killing Heidi and later Versus, but we can safely say, it’s been worth the wait.

Ella kicked the night off with Low High, the first single of her solo album, In Tounges. Low High has a unique sound that reveals a deeper, gentler, slightly melancholy yet beautiful vocal sound. Ella unveiled a handful of new songs from her album, demonstrating just how far she has evolved as an artist. A few goodies to listen out for included Everything Was A Sign, Dead Star, In Tongues and Wild Stallions. Some well chosen covers were thrown in there with Ella performing a captivating rendition of Helpless by Neil Young and Dancing on my Own by Robyn. Ella ended the gig with a bang with her new single Haxan, a sultry and enchanting song about uncontrollable forces, spells and illusions.

Ella has a certain presence on stage that makes it impossible for you to take your eyes of her. She may have replaced the dreads for an edgier shorter look, but her energy and spirit are relentless; Thursday night saw her rocking the stage, bouncing up and down and flicking her new bangs back and forth. The crowd seemed pleased, shouting “Love you Ella” and “What a babe” and chanting for an encore long after she left the stage.

In Tongues, Ella’s debut album, is set for mid year release.

theaussieword.com thanks Vanessa Indovino for being our official guest blog photographer and reviewer.  You can also check out all the great shots from Ella’s gig on our Facebook page.

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