Darren Hayes Press Release: ‘Bloodstained Heart’ Out Now Australia!

Darren Hayes has released the following statement to Aussie fans…

The beautiful new single ‘Bloodstained Heart’ is available today for Aussies! (September 5th)

“Bloodstained Heart is one of my favourite songs I have ever written, for me it is the moment this album becomes something special. I would hope this song becomes a reassuring friend for anyone having a hard time.  I wrote it for many things, one of them was a family member who was going through some really tough times and I remember wishing if I could have taken the bullet, I would have.  There is a line in the song that if we are going to go down, we are going to go out fighting.” – Darren Hayes

We would love your help spreading the word that ‘Darren is back’ Lets get as many friends as possible to hear and buy this new single and lets get ‘Bloodstained Heart’ on the chart in Australia. Lets make sure everyone has the chance to hear this incredible new song! Keep us updated!

A note for UK friends and rest of the world – ‘Bloodstained heart’ will be available on the album Secret Codes and Battleships out in October!

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