Chris and Josh – New Aussie Webseries!

A very special Aussie themed webseries has taken flight Down Under. This is Chris and Josh, a series starring Shane Savage (Chris) and Matt Werkmeister (Josh) – Created, Directed and Written by Matthew Smolen. The first four episodes are right here for you to enjoy with a new episode out weekly on Sunday nights at 6:30pm (Melbourne time) – Catch Chris and Josh on Facebook or use the #chrisandjosh hastag on Twitter! This is homegrown talent at its Aussie best! had a word with Director Matt…

The idea originated as a way for the three of us to build up a body of work. I wanted to hone my skills directing and editing and Matt (Werkmeister) and Shane (Savage) wanted to get a bit of practice improvising and developing a character from scratch. We always wanted to release it for an audience, and the response to the first few eps has been so much bigger than expected – considering it started so small and we never had any great expectations for it.

Now that we have an audience and we’ve seen the response we can get, it’s legitimised the whole thing in a way. It’s made us really step up our game and make the show consistent – because we’ve set a bar that we have to match each and every time.

In terms of the ‘making of’ it’s a pretty quick turnaround. We shot the first two episodes way back in May. We sat on it for a little while, trying to figure out what to do with it. Around early August we got together again and really wanted to pick it up and get it moving, so we shot another two episodes. The first episode was released August 25th and since then we’ve decided to create a 16 episode season, releasing 1 a week (every Sunday at 6:30pm) on youtube and Facebook and through our twitter accounts using #ChrisAndJosh. We now have the rest of the season outlined and have shot the next 4. We shoot in 4 episode blocks, so we shot episode 5-8 over one day. Without giving too much away we start introducing some more characters, some one-off cameos, and a few potential recurring characters. The coming episode (to be released tomorrow, 16th of September) features our first guest star and we follow the trend from there. We also have an amazing idea for the season finale, but we’ve got to earn it – and I think it’ll be worth the wait. will premiere each new episode weekly – supporting local Aussie talent!

 Episodes 1 – 4 (top to bottom) Enjoy!

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