Chris and Josh: Episode 16 ‘Busy’ (Season Finale)

Chris and Josh wraps up an extremely successful first season with this gleetastic season final. had the pleasure of meeting the cast and crew last night in a very special screening of all the episodes to date and the premiere of this final episode for season 1. Director & Writer Matthew Smolen has worked tirelessly in putting these episodes together with the expertise of class actors Shane Savage as Chris and Matthew Werkmeister as Josh. The very talented Myles Tankle joined the series as a guest in the role of Joss, his appearance immediately raising a few eyebrows with fans (including my own) – he’s got the looks and talent that sets the pace for very entertaining drama! There are very big plans for this webseries in it’s second season, Smolen not giving away too much, but rest assured he says the series will be ‘bigger and better. Amusingly, Chris and Josh are still rating highly in the US We Love Soaps TV rankings as a ‘couple’…Yes, I discussed this topic with the boys, there was laughter and even a cheeky reference to a possible future storyline…we’ll see. 

Chris and Josh have delivered an outstanding premiere season through a talented cast, supporting guests and cleverly written comedy. Bring on Season 2! 

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