NEW MUSIC: NUSSY ‘Hard As Diamonds’

The vibrant and unstoppable NUSSY has released new single Hard As Diamonds, an exploration of the human reaction to hurt and turmoil.  The thrilling synth-pop artist has also announced a lustrous clip to accompany the track, produced in collaboration with Dan Smith of Head On Media (Gorman, Jo Mercer). 
A song that would fit perfectly on the Stranger Things (Netflix) soundtrack, Hard As Diamonds opens with a solo, glitch synthesiser, easing the listener into the secure sinewave wonderland of the track like a slow dive to the bottom of a cool, still pool.  The track builds and reaches an intriguing climax as a distorted guitar solo sits eccentrically atop the electronic atmosphere, all the while, as unphased and disarming as ever, NUSSY sings intimately, wooing the listener with unique sincerity.  NUSSY reflects on the track, “Hard As Diamonds is about a person who has become jaded and built up walls to protect themselves  from being hurt.  It’s about trying to unlock the beauty that is still evident within their soul.”

Modern and on-trend, the clip for Hard As Diamonds is a testament to NUSSY and her ever-present finger on the pulse.  Drawing upon strong, feminine themes explored in previous videos such as that of My Heroin, the Hard As Diamonds clip represents NUSSY as thrilling, genuine yet mysterious as her songs would have audiences expect.  Speaking on the conception of the video, NUSSY says,“Coming up with the concept for the video clip was a collaborative effort between myself, my management and Dan Smith who directed the clip.  The story centres around a tough chick who drives around the city to embark on a mysterious mission.  We drew a lot of influence from the film Drive and TV series Stranger Things.”

An effervescent performer such as NUSSY cannot be kept from the stage for long, and audiences would be foolish to miss these upcoming performances from the outstanding pop vocalist.  Thrilled to be getting back on the road and into venues, NUSSY looks back on the last 12 months and ahead to the upcoming year, “I had a really great year in 2016, putting out three singles and can’t wait to continue to release more music in 2017.  I have been writing new tunes so I’m definitely keen to get it all out into the world!”

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