Special Interview: Martika

Music sensation Martika joined me on the phone for a special live interview on 98.9 North West FM this morning – catch the full interview here and for more updates and tickets to her upcoming Totally 80’s shows here in Australia visit martikamartika.com!



Exclusive Special Interview: Martika!

AMAZING pop sensation Martika had an exclusive chat to myself and Simone on air at JOY 94.9’s special Radiothon show last week! Find out what Martika has been up too, her latest tour and what JOY 94.9 means to her and the LGBT community. You can download and listen to the special interview for free right here via iTunes! 

Listen out for Martika’s special rendition of #ToySoldiers just for us! 🙂

MARTIKA: First Aussie Tour Ever!

Frontier Touring have officially announced Martika’s first ever Australian tour! Coming to a town near you this September, Martika will play all the hits we’ve grown to love over the years plus a selection of new tracks from her brand new album The Mirror Ball. This is a show you do not want to miss! Here is the official Frontier Touring promo video! See you there in Melbourne!

Click READ MORE to see where and when Martika is performing and how to snap up tickets!


SYDNEY – Thu 27 Sept – Metro Theatre

MELBOURNE – Fri 28 Sept – Trak Lounge Bar  

NEWCASTLE – Sat 29 Sept – Panthers 

FREMANTLE – Thu 4 Oct – Metropolis

ADELAIDE – Fri 5 Oct – HQ

CANBERRA – Sat 6 Oct – The Auditorium 

BRISBANE – Wed 10 Oct – The Hi-Fi


CAIRNS – Fri 12 Oct – Brothers League Club

MARTIKA: Flow With The Go Press Release!

The official press release for Martika’s latest track is out!

Flow With The Go has started making it’s way around the airwaves and getting uploaded to music sites around the globe! Here is the official press release from The Michael Group. Follow the links and be one of the first to listen to the new track!

Martika, J8DED/DCR Media Release The Michael Group

“Flow with the Go” is now for immediate listen at:
Shortened Link:
The single is going to be available through the following portals: iTunes (US) iTunes (AUS/NZ) iTunes (Japan)
iTunes (Mexico) iTunes (Canada) iTunes (UK) iTunes (Europe) Virgin Mega
Rhapsody Spotify Zune Google Music MySpace Music Amazon MP3iLike Last.fm MOG eMusic Tesco Intertech Media InMotion Entertainment Synacor Moozone Deezer 7digital Nokia Puretracks 24/7 Rdio We7 Immergent La Curacao Google Music Thumbplay OTA Guvera Myxer Aspiro GetPlaylists Secure Media
However, be aware that once uploaded to these sites, it could take anywhere from a few days to a full week for the song to be available, depending on the speed at which materials get into the system. For the time being, you’ll begin to hear the single on air and see Martika in interviews during the coming weeks!
We will be filming the video for “Flow With the Go” on January 16th, and once complete will immediately be serviced to the following:
VEVO MTV COOL TV VH-1 Palladia martikamartika.com RetroRewind Perez Hilton
Martika’s touring schedule will be announced shortly. All of us at The Michael Group, and on behalf of J8DED/DCR would like to thank all of you for your support of the lovely Martika.


MARTIKA – Over 4 million records sold worldwide… 3 Aussie top ten hits… and a #1 smash from 1991…
What a pleasure it is for me to introduce my very special guest to theaussieword blog, Martika – the artist who released some of the world’s biggest hits from 1988 to 1992. Toy Soldiers sent Martika to the top of the Australian charts in 1989 – the track taken from her self titled debut album. Martika followed up the success with the release of the hugely popular dance track I Feel The Earth Move, the tune taking Martika as high as #2 in Australia. It was 1991 when Martika returned to stamp her authority on the Aussie charts, she came back with a vengence and a Number 1 song that spent weeks at the top of the ARIA charts, it was the hit Love… Thy Will Be Done – a track that goes down as one of the best of all time.

Martika – Love… Thy Will Be Done (1991)

Join with me as we meet with Martika in this very special one on one interview! Martika talks new music, new album, upcoming tour, videos and Fairlight Synthesizers!

Hello and thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me Martika! 
Thank you for asking. I love my fans in Australia!!

So great to hear the news of your comeback! You’re a personal favorite of mine and I am really looking forward to your new material. 🙂 
Thank you again! :):):)

Firstly, congratulations on the announcement of your new single and album due for release in 2012! How does it feel to be back?
Thank you very much. It is a bit surreal to be honest. I knew that I wanted to put together a new CD of new material but the response that I have been receiving has been so heartwarming, it makes me wish that I had even more material coming out!!! Hopefully there will be a demand for more MARTIKA music and I will follow this CD with another! I am just enjoying the moment right now!!!

Tell us where Martika has been these last few years and what projects you have been working on?
I have been busy working on an Internet Series called J8DED which was very fun and a lot of work. I did a project called OPPERA and we released two CD’s which were experimental and toured with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. That was AMAZINGLY fun!!!

‘Flow With The Go’ is the first single from the new album ‘The Mirror Ball’, what can you tell us about your new single?
It is a very up tempo dance/club song. I won’t give away too much other than to say I think that it is a lot of fun and should get people dancing!! I am super excited to do the video for this song!

The question on everybody’s lips….. will we see Martika tour Australia…the world…?
As a matter of fact, yes! I plan on touring all through 2012 AND it looks like I will be in Australia much sooner than anticipated!
Tell us about your connection to Australia, what are you fondest memories of our great country?
The people!! Everyone was so warm and open to me the last time I visited. It is such a relaxing place and I want to vacation there for A MONTH!!

Martika – I Feel The Earth Move (1989)

A totally 80’s question now….tell us about the cool sounds of the Fairlight Synthesizer!
OK, WOW!!!!! I am so honored to be working with Fairlight!! This is a dream come true! When the Fairlight was at the height of the 80’s and 90’s very few people could afford one. They were so exclusive that you would hire a Fairlight and an operator and they would show up in a white lab coat! (hee hee). Seriously, Fairlight has been on practically every hit from that era and I am so pleased to be using their 30th Anniversary prototype on this new CD. Peter, Graeme, Duncan and Tino are such cool guys! They are always there to help and update the Fairlight even though we are a world apart! It’s so cool to see them working on the Fairlight while it sits in the studio in the states. It’s strange to watch the cursor run around like mad and see the machine doing things when no one is touching it!!! The sounds you get out of it are nothing less than amazing!!! Once you hear it, you know why everyone wants one or used one on their music.

Martika’s video clips! Australia loves a good video and you have always made brilliant ones, will you be treating us to more?
New videos coming!!!!!!

As you know our very own Kylie Minogue holds a special place in our Aussie hearts, how does it feel looking back at the time you both had huge hits in Australia?
Australia has always been a place that I have loved! I am so happy for Kylie!! She is a national institution for Australia 🙂 I look forward to coming back to Oz and performing again!!

Love Thy Will Be Done, a massive hit Down Under, a personal favorite of mine, as were the tracks ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ and ‘Toy Soldiers’, what do you remember most from the time you released these tracks and how does it compare to the new material from The Mirror Ball?
I loved my records. I had so much fun performing those songs and I plan to do a lot of that material on tour as well. THE MIRROR BALL is 20 years later so the sounds and the style is different. Mind you, it’s still MARTIKA because, well, its me :):) I also did not have the technology that is available today so the sound quality is far superior. The new music is just so BIG sounding!! I am really loving it!!!

Does Martika have a favorite track from her back catalogue?
Love, Thy Will Be Done ranks up there pretty high!

The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, how do you feel about the industry as a whole today and what does it mean to you in getting your records out into the public eye?
The BUSINESS has changed dramatically and I think for the better because artists have more control over their careers and their music. I am enjoying the new era!!

We’ve missed you Martika! Good luck with the new single and we look forward to the brand spanking new album! What can you leave theaussieword readers with today after this interview?
I AM COMING BACK!! Love and Hugs!! xoxoxoxoxoo MARTIKA

The Mirror Ball – New Album February 12, 2012
New Single ‘Flow With The Go’ – January 12, 2012 (Worldwide Release!)
The Mirror Ball Tour – Dates Coming Soon! (Get Ready Australia!)

Follow Martika on Twitter: @MartikaTunes
Martika’s Website: www.martikamartika.com

Martika – Toy Soldiers (1989)