Brad Belk SIZZLES on Camera!

Brad Belk’s Sizzle Reel appeared in my Facebook timeline this morning, yes this morning… Brad, if you are reading this – you must bring to my attention pronto! This isn’t just any Sizzle Reel, it’s his latest with Fiddler Films... Geez that Naples, Florida place is a beauty… it’s not all about Brad you know! What do you think guys? Thumbs up!

Yeah Brad, what did happen to all the buttons on your shirt? 🙂

Brad Belk’s Sizzle Reel!

Do you remember our Hampton’s Haul blog post on hunky Brad Belk back in August? Well Bradley is back, putting together a little sizzle reel of his two shows. Brad tells me that this video is a mix of the two show combined, his Southern boy looks and accent steals the show! To me, he comes across as a fun and clumsy assistant, big brother, sexy eye-candy and best friend… How many of these blokes are left out there in the world?! Check out this video and you try and tell me that you are not hooked… this show needs to get picked up pronto… my boy Brad wants his carrots! Vince takes the words right out of my mouth… ‘he’s a hunk of a man!