Australia Salutes Roxette!

Australia have welcomed pop/rock Swedish sensations Roxette with open arms in the comeback concert of the year! Playing all the major stadiums around the country, Roxette have wowed audiences in massive numbers. Playing a marathon set of Greatest Hits and new tracks from Charm School. The tour is now at it’s end for Australia – the nations response has been astounding… TheAussieWord says thank you!
The success of the Down Under tour has been phenomenal, fan reaction on our blog has been mammoth, hits and visitors dropping by in the thousands to honour and commemorate Roxette’s successful Australian return. TheAussieWord has put together this very special photo/video tribute. A huge thank you to Mark Klumper at Xpose’ for sharing these amazing shots with TheAussieWord BLOG and allowing us to bring it to all of the Roxette fans worldwide! Enjoy the photo roll as well as the supporting nostalgic videos – a couple of hits from the 1986 smash Pearls of Passion – what I believe is Roxette’s best album, together with Look Sharp! 

Roxette…. Australia Salutes You! 

Australia 2012 Setlist (Melbourne / Rod Laver Arena)
Dressed For Success (from Look Sharp, 1988)
Sleeping In My Car
 (from Crash Boom Bang, 1994)
The Big L
 (from Joyride, 1991)
Wish I Could Fly
 (from Have A Nice Day, 1999)
Only When I Dream
 (from Charm School, 2011)
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
 (from Charm School, 2011)
Perfect Day
 (from Joyride, 1991)
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love
 (from Tourism, 1992)
Opportunity Nox
 (from Pop The Hits, 2003)
 (from Have A Nice Day, 1999)
Fading Like A Flower (from Joyride, 1991)
 (from Crash Boom Bang, 1994)
How Do You Do!
 (from Tourism, 1992)
 (from Look Sharp, 1988)
(Band Presentation)
Joyride (introduced with “Waltzing Matilda”) (from Joyride, 1991)
Silver Blue
 (b-side, 1988)
Spending My Time
 (from Joyride, 1991)
The Look (from Look Sharp, 1988)
Listen To Your Heart (from Look Sharp, 1988)
Church Of Your Heart (from Joyride, 1991)

4 thoughts on “Australia Salutes Roxette!”

  1. I travelled from Perth to Sydney for the concert on 17 February and it was brilliant. I had a great time 10 rows from the stage right in the middle. Best concert I've ever been to. I missed out back in the day when Roxette came to Perth so when they announced they were coming to Australia, I didn't care where I had to go to see them, I just knew I was going and I wasn't disappointed.


  2. Hi all,
    The band was brilliant on Sat 25th of March at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
    Live they are up their with the best.

    The lead guitarist can make his instrument “sing”!

    Dennis V

  3. Roxette are BRILLIANT!!! I went to the last show in Perth (drove 8 hours just to see them!)and they were just MAGIC!! I still have goosebumps! Was so awesome seeing them live, i hope they come back soon!! 🙂

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