Academy Awards Buzz, Starring Roles, Wall Street Smashes & Visual Spectacles!

Awards Buzz
As the weekend looms the gossip columns unite to speculate about the biggest showbiz event of the year – the 86th Academy Awards. That’s right – a whole year has passed since Jennifer Lawrence made her oh-so-memorable tumble while collecting her award for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook.
Starring Roles
Lucky for the feisty 23-year-old however, she’s up for the Best Supporting Actress award for her role as seductive temptress Roselyn Rosenfield in American Hustle. Director David O. Russell should be rubbing his hands at the success of the crime drama, which has also earned nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Christian Bale), Best Actress in a Leading Role (Amy Adams), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Bradley Cooper), Costume Design, Film Editing, Production Design and Original Screenplay.
Wall Street Smash
Con artists are set to steal the show at the Oscars then, and few actors are more well-versed in such a role as Leonardo DiCaprio, who has come up trumps again with The Wolf of Wall Street. Proving once again that Leo and director Martin Scorsese are a match made in heaven, this bum-numbing three-hour flick is sure to give American Hustle a run for its money. With all the charismatic charm of DiCaprio’s protagonist Jordan Belfort and a very impressive supporting role from comic Jonah Hill, the film is nominated for five awards, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.
Rumour has it that Best Supporting Actor nominee Jonah Hill accepted ‘minimum wage’ for his role, claiming “I got to f*****g be in a Martin Scorsese movie!” Well, if $60,000 is the going rate for an Oscar nomination, where do we sign?
Visual Spectacles
No doubt some of 2013’s biggest flicks such as Gravity and 12 Years a Slave will be rewarded for their artistic integrity, with both box office smashers up for the Best Directing, Film Editing and Production Design gongs. With Tom Hanks battling Somalian pirates in Captain Phillips and Matthew McConaughey battling the AIDS virus in Dallas Buyers Club, 2014 also looks set to be a big year for dramatic, heart-wrenching stories. Will Jennifer fall down once again? Will Jack Nicholson crack onto a girl half his age? And who will shock and stun with their Oscar outfits? Hedge your bets whilst you play at Euro Palace Online Casino to get into the spirit of the awards and films (as so many of these top films contain casino scenes, such as American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street).
Hosted with the charming wit of Ellen DeGeneres, the 86th Academy Awards promises to deliver in terms of high class performances and good old fashioned competition. Don’t forget to tune into the awards on Sunday 2nd March to see which of your favourite actors and directors take home the big ones.

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