1.4 Million Eyes On Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes put on an amazing display to the Australian nation with new single Talk Talk Talk last night on Seven Networks Dancing With The Stars, more than 1.4 million viewers tuning in to watch our Aussie sensation. Darren tweeted this message to fans after the performance.
“Thanks for all the wonderfully supportive comments re DWTS. 
I was reading your tweets before I went on! I was so nervous. PHew! xx”
Followed by this message on Facebook…
“Thanks so much for the kind comments from those who saw my first ever TV performance of ‘Talk Talk Talk’ on Australia’s DWTS. I was terrified (in a good way!) and I was reading your comments and tweets in my dressing room for courage. You make me feel invincible. 
Love you. x”
Nice work Darren.
Darren Hayes – Talk Talk Talk (Dancing With The Stars)

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