Game, set, match for Papyllon!

Were you wondering what the emojis meant in the artwork of new single Forever by Papyllon? We were! butterfly/Papyllon, tennisball, castle… eh?
But now Papyllon have released the accompanying video, it all makes sense… sort of 🙂 Anyhow, it’s a fun visualization of Forever in which the band members of Papyllon show us they can (not) play tennis, mow the lawn and trim fences!

New single Forever was released last friday and already made it on the Dutch, Czech and Slovakian Spotify New Music Friday playlists.

Emerging European indie pop band Papyllon are five guys playing ambitious music, mixing the best from rock, pop, alternative and electronic genres. Through their lyrics the band explores the human psyche and the emotional roller coaster called life.

After the phase of stadium anthems, ballads and experiments, their vision is still the same, but it’s slowly creeping towards the dance floor. With new single Forever, andtheir previous singles “What About Tonight” and “All The Time”, Papyllon takes on a different path and leans on the note of intimacy and compassion, but still keeps the “right vibe”. The noticeable shift in sound, looks, live performances and also a shift to more relatable topics brings the band to a different light.

Forever grabs you with a cheerful, danceable, and nostalgic vibe mixed with a reflective and sometimes even ironic lyrical testimony, reminding us to stay true to ourselves and everything we believe, using an analogy of a band trying to make it big. It talks about reaching our dreams – and that it sometimes takes forever – as well as the importance of struggles and making mistakes on the way.