NEW MUSIC: Claes Cem ‘Catch On Fire’

After an inspirational year in the US, Thailand and his native country of Denmark, recording artist Claes Cem is back with the new enticing melodic pop single “Catch On Fire”. It is first single from the forthcoming the new EP entitled “Momentum”, that will be released later this Spring.¬†The music video “Catch On Fire” is groundbreaking¬†by being one of the first music videos in the world using the innovation VR-360 audio generator from Dolby Digital. Claes collaborated with famous U.S. director Brett Leonard, who is the man behind the blockbuster movie The Lawnmower Man (starring Pierce Brosnan) and Peter Gabriel’s award winning music video “Kiss That Frog”. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Claes Cem ‘Catch On Fire’