Subclass 417 – The Documentary ‘Episode 1’

The Subclass 417. The working holiday visa. A new start for the 20-somethings. 

Irish actor Elijah Egan and English actor Christian Heath have co-written and will feature in a mock- doc web series clocking the ups and downs of a year in the life of two 20-something struggling actors, racing to ‘make it’ in Melbourne before their visa expiration. Based loosely on their own experiences, it’s part fact, part fiction, fully funny. 

The Melbourne WebFest (MWF) has, solely from the preproduction script, picked up Subclass 417 to showcase at the inaugural MWF event in July as the feature presentation, accompanied with a six part behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the series. The very relevant subject of Irish/English 20-somethings’ migration is a key factor in this selection.

Elijah tells that “This project was a chance to collaborate with Christian who is a friend and very talented actor. We wrote a script dealing with the very relevant issue of Irish and English 20 somethings leaving their home countries in an attempt to find new opportunities in various countries with Australia being one of the most popular destinations. Some embark on the journey as an adventure while others have no other choice as a result of the current economic climate. We wanted to comment on this trend and decided to take a humorous approach through the eyes of two struggling actors and the various difficulties they encounter in their profession”.

Elijah explains that “The affiliation with Melbourne WebFest has been very exciting for us as these festivals are becoming the benchmark of quality in the increasingly popular world of online web episodes. As the popularity of the webseries increases, viewers will rely on these web festivals to direct them to the best content on the web”.

Subclass 417 is co-written by Elijah Egan and Christian Heath, directed by Max De Bowen, Alex Hipwell as the Director of Photograpy and Olivia Whyte as Director’s Assistant. 

The six part series was launched on Monday June 10, with a weekly release on the run up to the MWF awards night on July 20 at Kindred Studios.

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