Special Interview: Digital Damage

theaussieword meets with DJ Digital Damage or was that The Incredible Hulk?

So should we call you Lincoln or Digital?
I don’t mind really…. In the industry, most peeps call me digital.

Do you enjoy your gigs on the Gold Coast?
GC is the bomb, l love it… It’s such a wicked vibe up here. Crowds are the best, it think it’s something in the air down here … It’s the party capital!

How do gigs on the Gold Coast compare to gigs in the cities around? Australia?
GC has always turned on for me; I’ve always had really good experiences here. I think the crowds on the GC are always keen for a good time and love having fun… That’s what it’s about!

What are your favourite tracks right now?
This is a question I always find hard to answer…. I love what the Melbourne boys are producing at the mo. I am also loving the big upfront main room sounds from Europe circulating too.

How has it been working with Cosima De Vito?
Cosima is beautiful and has a massive voice. She’s very talented…. Life is easy working with Cos.

Do you like Donna Summer? Did you enjoy remaking the track?
Donna Summer was a little before my time but Hot Stuff is a well-known classic…. Writing the track and creating a dance floor friendly remake was a good challenge simply because we wanted to stay true to the original and keep the integrity of the track… I think it turned out really well!

Do you have a ritual prior to a gig?
Shots are always a good starter…..

How do you find working/producing with a singer as apposed to being solo?
It’s really fun! I think it’s amazing to be able to share the magic of music with another friend… Vocals can really add power and complexity to a track and generate a connection that can touch the soul of a person.

Did you always want to be a celebrity DJ?
I’ve been a DJ for over a decade now and I love everything in that world…. It was never my plan to achieve celebrity status, I’m loving where I’m at and feel so lucky to work with some of the countries most talented and well-respected artists, it’s really cool.

How have you handled your rise to fame?
Good I guess. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to tour around the country and share my music with Australia. I don’t really think about it to much.

Do you enjoy being recognized in public?
Yeah for sure… I put in a lot of hard work and time to put on a good show. It’s nice to see everyone rocking out and having a good time, smiles from ear to ear makes me happy.

What is your fitness regime?
I train 6 days a week, sleep as much as I can, eat lots of good food and avoid temptation to break it…. But I’m a DJ that stays up late… It doesn’t really make sense right? …. But I’ve somehow found a way haha.

What are your idea fitness tips?
Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s just working hard in the gym…. 70% of the hard work is being disciplined in the kitchen.

Will you be back on the Gold Coast soon?
Sure will! I’ll be back on the 29th November at The Beat and I’m looking forward to it already! Can’t wait to be back. 

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