Show Some Respect To Bobby Wills!

We’re getting into a little bit of country fever here at – that’s all thanks to Bobby…

Bobby Wills hit single Show Some Respect wouldn’t exist but for Australia’s great surfing and a twenty dollar pub bet. Years ago Bobby Wills left Canada on a year long surfing trek to Australia. While attending an open mic night after a long day at the beach a friend bet him 20.00 Aussie bucks that Bobby didn’t have the nerve to get up on stage and sing!

As an indirect result of the Foster’s fueled reaction to Bobby’s debut he is now on his second Album entitled If It Were That Easy. The album is largely the result of a collaboration between Bobby and Walt Aldridge and Mike Pyle two Muscle Shoals, Alabama musical greats.

The lead single Show Some Respect shows that strong tie to “The Shoals”. The Video was shot in and around the Muscle Shoals area with all of the actors in the Video being local volunteers including the entire Trojans Football Team.

Bobby made lifelong friends in Australia and remains proud of his ties to Australia. Show Some Respect is currently being aired on “Hot Country Radio” in Australia!

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