New Music: Yolanda Be Cool ‘A Baru In New York’ Featuring Gurrumul!

The Northern Territory’s Gurrumul has gone viral with his Yolanda Be Cool song collaboration “A Baru In New York” remixed by #1 ARIA hitmaker Flume. Gurrumul wrote the lyrics about his totem — A “Baru” is a Saltwater Crocodile.

Creating an amazing soundscape which brings Gurrumul’s distinctive vocal and ambience to a whole new level, Flume’s “Soundtrack Version” of Yolanda Be Cool/Gurrumul’s “A Baru In New York” was leaked to Soundcloud last Friday, picking up a near 150,000 streams and over 800 shares in less than a week.

“Gurrumul is so impressed with how his song with Yolanda Be Cool was reinterpreted by Flume,” said Gurrumul’s friend and collaborator Michael Hohnen. “Gurrumul and I listened together to the remix, sitting on the floor, in front of a huge stereo system. He proclaimed at the end of it – “that sounds like a crocodile movie”.

“Gurrumul has embraced this song ever since he created it with the Yolanda boys, and even appeared in the beautiful music video. Flume’s managed to create almost electro-orchestral backing, while retaining the sense of history and dignity which is such a quality of Gurrumul’s music.”

This unique collaboration which has brought together three groundbreaking Australian artists, Gurrumul, Yolanda Be Cool and Flume, has already been labelled as an important bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous music, mirroring the cultural contribution made by Gurrumul’s former band Yothu Yindi and the remixes of their 1991 song Treaty.

This is some a m a z i n g music right here! Check it out!

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