NEW MUSIC: San Cisco ‘Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?’

San Cisco return with the latest single off their hotly anticipated forthcoming third LP, The Water. “Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?” is a laid back, highly infectious track which invokes summer afternoons by the beach in the four-piece’s home town of Fremantle.

Perfect for road trip singalongs, singer Jordi ponders a topic that everyone can relate to – the dissolution of a close friendship. Is it him or have they grown apart?

Since the release of 2015’s Gracetown, San Cisco have been busy writing and recording their 3rd studio album. Extensive touring to eager audiences around the world took up the majority of 2015 and early 2016, playing festivals at home and headline tours from Maitland to Mexico. The remainder of the year was some down time and pulling together new song ideas, earwormy hooks and catchy choruses.

Now it’s time to unleash the third sophomore album, The Water onto the world. A taste of the album was served up with single “SloMo” and a bonus B Side (aptly named “B Side” ) hitting the airwaves late last year. With more hits to come, The Water is as diverse in its sound as it is in subject matters.

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