NEW MUSIC: Matt Scullion – ‘Slanguage’

What explains Aussies best? Our slang. And who better to explain what slang is? Chart topping singer/songwriter, Matt Scullion, with his brand new single and accompanying video ‘Slanguage’ out today. Having released two hit singles just in the past year, he is fast becoming known for his distinctly Aussie songwriting style, laid back vibes and passion for a ‘piss take’.

Produced by multiple ARIA and Golden Guitar winning Shane Nicholson, the two fellas had an absolute ball with this (soon to be) Aussie classic. Having worked together on Scullion’s last two releases, these blokes have such a bond in the studio, its no wonder they’ve come out with yet another pearler.mu7MSzZw

The idea for the song came to Scullion whilst travelling overseas, noticing how much he had to ‘tone down’ his ‘Slanguage’ for anyone to understand what on earth he was talking about. The single celebrates the token phrases, many of us probably don’t even realise we use anymore! It is also, however, a great introduction and a bit of a laugh for any visitors to this beautiful country. ‘I had an absolute blast writing ‘Slanguage’, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while writing a song. We really do have some funny sayings like “stubby short of a six pack” or “up at sparrows fart” I mean where does that stuff come from? It’s gold and so uniquely Australian’ says Scullion.

The video was shot by Luke McDonagh of White Tiger Workshop in a classroom at Jesmond High School in Newcastle. ‘I take on the role as an after-hours ‘Slanguage’ teacher, while my students from all walks of life are there to sharpen up their lingo’ says Scullion. ‘At first the students are a little unsure about the subject matter but as the lingo lesson progresses, they get with the program… ‘Slanguage’ is more than just having a laugh at ourselves – it’s a lingo lesson for those who don’t quite get Australian slang, so it was only natural that we chose to shoot the music video in a class room.’

Scullion has already been nominated for seven Golden Guitars and two APRA Awards, and by the feel of things, ‘Slanguage’ is only going to earn him many, many more. Who knows, we may even see Scullion performing at the NRL Grand Final, with 2GB’s Ray Hadley championing his previous hit single ‘Aussie As’, and stating what a perfect fit it’d be for the event.

Having recently played support slots with Drew McAlister and Alan Caswell, not to mention headline shows at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Macksville Music Muster and Smoke in Broke Festival, Scullion has managed to create an amazing new album which is set for release on Monday September 23rd. Titled Aussie As and available for pre order now, the album will capture the hearts of Australians and its visitors from all over the world.

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