NEW MUSIC: Marc Scibilia ‘Summer Clothes’

Nashville artist Marc Scibilia has revealed a new video for his latest single, “Summer Clothes.”  

“I was 18 when I moved from Buffalo to Nashville,” Scibilia tells Rolling Stone Country. “My dad would call me once a week and end every conversation with, ‘One more time, what’s your address?’ and he would never send me any mail. The song is a little bit about my hometown, my family, but mostly just someone looking for an excuse to call someone they miss – thanks for always calling, Dad. I missed you too.”

Released on his own label, Good Lander Records, and independently distributed by Tone Tree Music, this single marks a new chapter in Scibilia’s career. After signing with Capitol/IRS Records and recording his debut full-length album, Out Of Style, with famed producer Butch Walker, his label abruptly shut down only one week after the release of his album in late 2015. That left years of writing and producing in limbo. Fortunately, Scibilia saw this as an opportunity to regain his independence as a musician, and once again began releasing music directly to his fans.

“Summer Clothes” is already a success generating over 800k streams at Spotify for its double-sided full-band and acoustic versions.

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