New Music: Madeline Juno ‘Stupid Girl’

20 year old folk/pop songstress Madeline Juno is a captivating storyteller. Rising to popularity after posting live videos on her YouTube channel, the German singer songwriter has gained a dedicated following for her honest, heart-on-her-sleeve songwriting.

Her latest video for hit single “Stupid Girl” is a wonderful representation of what it is to be young and in love. Filmed in Los Angeles, “Stupid Girl“ might seem like a blunt pop-track at first, but after giving it a few good listens, one will find it is built on the shaky grounds of uncertainty and skepticism – the very things that make us human.

“When I’m in love, I’m in love 300%. I can’t keep myself from looking into the future and ‘what-could-be’s’, and then again get scared of all the things I want to say or do.”

Madeline Juno is a storyteller. Her songs are ambiguous and melancholic, they tell of sleepless nights, missed teenage years and doubts; they’re utterly lovestruck and unrestrainedly honest. Without any vanity Madeline tells her stories all wrapped up in pop sounds and in a way we can only believe her every word. She tells us about her life.

Her debut album “The Unknown“ was released at 18 years of age. At 20, after a whole year of songwriting and production, “Salvation” was introduced to the world in early 2016, consisting of 13 tracks that fans will find are 100% Madeline Juno, and 100% relatable.

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