NEW MUSIC: Jo Cooper – Can You Hear Me?

Jo Cooper launches campaign to shine the light on adult bullying here in Australia with brilliant new song ‘Can You Hear Me?’, just in time for National Bullying Prevention Day on October 4.

After a well-documented, ugly and drawn-out legal battle with the Owners’ Corporation of her Darlinghurst apartment building – The Horizon, Jo Cooper recently launched an anti- bullying campaign called ‘The Good Warrior’ – a movement driven by music and inspired by the torture she endured as a victim of adult bullying.

The relentless attacks took a toll on Jo’s mental health, and as a coping strategy she turned to music. Creating and expressing herself through music has been a way for Jo to rise up against the bullies who have brought her so much pain and anguish.

The result – a simply stunning song filled with absolute raw emotion. Almost immediately you are transported into Jo’s world and taken on her incredibly painful journey. Through her words, you experience firsthand every single battle, every fight and every nasty word that has taken its toll on this woman’s soul for far too long and yet, she gets up, dusts herself off and refuses to give up.

The tones in her voice are hauntingly masterful, yet beautiful and emotionally empowering.

In the song Jo sings “Tell me, how do you sleep at night, with all the demons passing by? And, how far can you run before karma catches on?”

Although she sometimes struggles with the concept, Jo is a force to be reckoned with, an inspirational, articulate and strong woman that refuses to succumb to those more powerful than her. Let’s be honest, qualities we would probably all like to possess, especially at the moment.

Whilst Jo feels as though her plight so far has been a lonely one, she hopes to start a positive conversation amongst adults. The ultimate goal is to work together as a society to put a stop to adult bullying in Australia through the power of music.

“The events of the past six years have taught me to never underestimate how so few will stand up for what is right and just how incredibly hurtful people can be to others.” Jo explains.

Jo reached out to numerous politicians and public figures to help over the years but was met with iron gates at every turn.

In the song Jo sings “I have a voice and it’s rising, I’m gonna change the horizon” and it certainly seems Jo is determined to create the change that is needed.

“It is time we started to speak out against adult bullying and that is exactly what this song intends to do. To every single person that has ever verbally and physically attacked me, this song is to you. To everyone I ever asked for, for help, who chose to turn a blind eye, this song is to you and to everyone who is going through and has been through similar experiences, this song is for you.

“Music is the universal language of the world. I am excited to use it as a way to help others. To my fellow musicians and powerful voices out there, I encourage you to join me and together, lets put an end to adult bullying.”

Jo is calling upon musicians, influencers, health professionals and the entire community of likeminded people to join her over the coming weeks to assist in the fight against adult bullying.

National Bullying Prevention Day is October 4, the day Can You Hear Me will be released with an incredible new video inspired by Jo’s experiences.

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