NEW MUSIC: Jack Carty ‘All At Once’

‘Number 1 this Summer in Australian AIR and Select Sales charts, Brisbane based troubadour flies into UK for a 6 date tour, to promote the UK release of his new album, ‘Home State’, playing London on October 18th, culminating in the North Dorset Folk Festival October 22nd’. Newly wed, inspired by love and the intricate dynamics of domestic bliss, observations of tap dancing neighbours, Netflix addictions and a little apartment in Brisbane’s Red Hill, ‘Home State’ is the beautiful new creation from Jack Carty. A year in the making,  ‘Home State’ is undoubtedly Carty’s most accomplished record to date, in a growing catalogue of critically acclaimed releases. From the catchy opening groove of ‘All At Once’ (which captured the love of a Nation – shooting to number 1 in the Australian AIR charts) to the closing chorus of ‘Wedding Song’, each line is considered, each melody evocative; an album full of warmth, playing with your memories, dreamy, questioning and familiar, just like the mind of the man who made it. The driving rhythms and floating melody of ‘Kindness Is A Dying Art’ brim with beauty and tension. ‘Berlin’ builds through narrative wit and ‘This Is What It Feels Like To Die’ showcases Carty’s knack for a gorgeously devastating turn of phrase. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a choir of cicadas lend their charm to the stunning simplicity of ‘A Way With Me’.  There is an underlying atmosphere of humility to this music, revealing a writer excited about the space he is inhabiting. Impressively, Carty took on the duties of producing, recording and performing every instrument himself, except for the bass, which fell to longtime collaborator Gus Gardiner before the completed record was shipped off to Melbourne-based mixing magician Jimi Maroudas (The Avalanches). ‘Home State’ will be released in the UK via Blair Dunlop’s label, Gilded Lily Records through Absolute Label Services. Available to stream now, with a full release in the UK on 18th November and the opportunity for UK audiences to enjoy the delights of Jack performing it live throughout October.

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