NEW MUSIC: Ginger and The Ghost ‘Glow’

Avant-garde duo Ginger And The Ghost have announced their impressive new single Glow, a progressive, futuristic pop anthem characterised by a spontaneous chorus. An accompanying video for the track has also been released, featuring the pair adorned in exquisite body painting and enveloped in stunning, celestial special effects. 

With mountainous praise from taste-makers around the world, not to mention from the platinum hit-maker Diplo himself, Ginger And The Ghost’s new single Glow certainly lives up to the hype. Intricate, with cutthroat production by Ian Barter (Paloma Faith, Amy Winehouse) and idiosyncratic vocal phrases that recoil and expand with ease and skill, everything propels towards the chorus; sweeping electronics ascend and blissfully explode into the ether where the voice is chant-like; “Glow! Glow! Glow!” Vocalist and one half of the enigmatic duo, Missy Gilbert, reflects on the meaning of releasing such an empowering track in today’s global environment, “The feeling is indescribable because we know it’s just the start of our new sound and vision. We have been making this body of work for over two years and right now what we have to say is aligning with the global consciousness as a call to action. This is a pivotal time as an artist to be bold, to connect and to voice your passions, concerns and align yourself with what you believe in.”

The clip for Glow is as unique as the song it accompanies. The title motif is construed quite literally as both the costumes and effects are ethereal and lustrous. The duo are impassioned and it is left to the audience to interpret whether they are in combat with the ‘glow’, or allied with it. Co-directed by the band themselves and noted director Polly Snowden (Mamakin, Tinpan Orange), the clip is powerful and ominous. Multi-instrumentalist Daniel Bourne explains, “The story depicts us floating in space, masked and stagnate. We find enough energy to remove our masks and so begins the transference of energy between one another until it becomes so big it overwhelms us. Only after succumbing to it do we realise that this energy is an extension of ourselves and we can in fact harness its power.”

A Ginger And The Ghost live performance encompasses their own art installations and costumes as well as the music itself, so there is no more appropriate venue for the duo than MONA in the beautiful surrounds of Hobart, Tasmania. The pair will end the tour with a hometown show in Sydney, and are thrilled to bring their music to life on the road, as Missy enthuses, “Ginger And The Ghost performances are a hyper real, immersive and interactive experience with an Australiana aesthetic. We have many top secret collaborations coming together and we are so excited about the people who are involved artistically and musically.”

Ginger And The Ghost are Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne.

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