New Music: EZA ‘Burning House’

Nashville electronic/pop artist EZA has returned with a cover of Cam’s “Burning House” produced by and featuring the vocals of fellow Nashville electro/pop artist Aaron Krause, EZA and Krause give “Burning House” an indie/pop treatment that juxtaposes the song’s country roots.

“Over the summer, Aaron Krause played me ‘Burning House’ by Cam and we couldn’t stop talking about the lyrics and melody of the song,” remarks EZA. “I recognized her name and knew she was starting to make some serious buzz around Nashville, but we hadn’t considered covering the song until months later.” 

Part of EZA’s unique sound is attributed to a neurological phenomenon she experiences known as synesthesia. Ellery’s synesthesia allows her to see colors and patterns while listening to, and creating her own music. She has used those visual cues to help create her magnetic, pulsing music. EZA has previously released an EP, Means Of Escape (2014), as well as two singles in 2015, “Headlights” and “We Keep The Lights Out.”

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