NEW MUSIC: Boehm ft. Brandyn Burnette ‘Let’s Give It A Shot’

Brandyn Burnette is a progressive soul producer/singer-songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri currently living in Los Angeles. This self taught, 3rd generation musician has crafted his own sound and style that has begun to takeover the pop underground world from the inside out. “My music is about healing… that’s what it is for me and that’s what I think it is for other people. I want my fans to feel like they are entering another world when they listen to my music.” In 2014, Brandyn opened for John Mayer, Jon Bellion and James Bay. In 2015, he’s penned songs for MKTO, Jake Miller, and “See You Again” singer Charlie Puth. One can only imagine what’s next for this soulful progressive artist from the midwest.

Aside from his own musical project, Burnette recently announced the collaboration between himself and indie singer-songwriter Molly Moore, under the name Cosmos & Creature. Based out of Toluca Lake, Burnette and Moore quickly gained attention by featuring on Lost King’s “Marathon” as well as Vicetone’s “Bright Side.” The duo also caught the attention of Iggy Azalea after covering her song, “Team.” They have amassed 10 million plus streams on Spotify. Their first single “Young” debuted at number 3 on the Spotify Global Charts & currently has 2 million streams since release in the end of 2016. Currently working on a debut EP of their own, Cosmos & Creature have been brewing up an understated yet wildly energetic musical storm in their own right.  His 2nd EP “State I’m In” had 2.8 million streams on Spotify since being released in July of 2016. He also appeared on a collaboration with independent EDM artist Elephante on “Plans” which has been played on Sirius BPM & has become the biggest song off the I Am The Elephante EP.

Burnette’s new single “Escape” off of the upcoming EP Feature Films is one of his most anticipated to date.  Blending soulfully dark vocals, deep beats and bright pysch rock guitar, “Escape” showcases Burnette’s unique progressive pop soul sound.

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