NEW MUSIC | Benji Lewis ‘Why’

Making people dance is fairly straight forward. Making people dance and feel melancholic at the same time, now that’s no easy feat. Enter Melbourne based electro soul artist Benji Lewis and get ready to do some very introspective d-floor grinding to his brand new single ‘WHY’.
Lurking behind Lewis’ stacked beats and expansive synths is the all too relatable story of a love story turned sour. The desperation of the lyrics is mirrored in Lewis’ soaring vocals which contrast the thick electronica to create an unexpected but exhilarating juxtaposition. It doesn’t matter if you want to dance like nobody’s watching or wallow in your emotions like nobody’s watching ‘WHY’ has got it covered across the board.
‘WHY’ is the second single of Lewis’ debut EP ‘Hearts & Halos’with debut single ‘Reach You Where You Are’ already clocking almost 20,000 listens on Soundcloud. With ‘Hearts & Halos’ due for release later in 2015, ‘WHY’ is just the tip of the iceberg that is Lewis’ talent. Wait until you see what he’s got simmering just under the surface.

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